Tilt-Turn  Windows

Tilt and turn windows are known for their simplicity and practicality. They can either swing open like a door or tilt inwards for ventilation with a simple turn of our ergonomic handles. Standard in much of Europe and growing in popularity overseas, tilt and turn functionality allows easy ventilation and continued fresh air without having to leave the entire window wide open.

ARKA’s tilt & turn windows use only the finest German fittings available to ensure effortless operation and long term durability. Whether as a replacement for existing casement windows or new construction, tilt and turn windows are the best choice for every modern home.

We produce Tilt Turn windows for all types of frame materials: wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass.

Almost all opening types such as rectangular, arched head, rounded head, and angled head windows can be installed as single and double-sash windows

One Handle. Two Possibilities.

Enter tilt and turn. Invented in Germany and long since standard in most of Europe, it combines the best features of both and has none of the disadvantages. By rotating into the horizontal position, the casement swings fully open like a door. Continue rotating it the full 180 degrees and the casement tilts inwards to allow fresh air in.

Window Closed

tilt turn

Window in Turn Position


Window Tilted


Why Choose Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt-and-turn systems are very popular, because they can be installed anywhere and are superior to single hung, double hung and simple casement windows in all regards.

Advantages of Tilt Turn windows:

  • Dual functionality gives you more opening options
  • Easy ventilation for more fresh air
  • Leave window open safely without risk of children falling or leaning out
  • Simple cleaning from inside your home
  • Energy efficient with modern double and triple glazing
  • Secure with lockable handles and multiple locking points
  • Excellent  sound insulation
  • Great as a fire escape
  • Inswing casement ideal with window screens


The sash lifter gently lifts the sash into the locked position. It therefore supports comfortable operation and prevents mal­ope­ra­tion.

To obtain this trickle ventilation, we need to set a handle in a required position – usually by turning it by 45 degrees. Thanks to this options its user has access to fresh air as well as a guarantee that the window will not open even in case of a strong wind.

Various security levels according to standardized burglary resistance.

Preventing children from falling from windows

ARKA’s Windows has a large selection of designer door and window handles that have incredible safety features.

Tilt Turn Windows screens are placed on the exterior side so that you can open and close the window from the inside of your home.

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